• Sam Sumpter

GnG on the Salt Lake Soundcheck

So last Sunday, May 21, we went on the KBER 101.1 radio show Salt Lake Soundcheck with Corky. Man what a great time. Corky played three of our songs and we had three long segments of interview, answering questions and general goofing off.

The whole thing was posted on Facebook Live thanks to the skilled wielding of the phone by Adam and 'fan boy' Josh. Corky is the epitome of radio professionalism while still being incredibly awesome. Also, Corky has been to so many of our shows he seems to be a staple in our fan-base. Can't thank him enough. Check out the in-studio videos and listen to KBER, especially the Salt Lake Soundcheck. He plays great local music and hosts the best of local music and I think I can speak for our local music base. We really appreciate him.

Thanks Corky!!!

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