• Sam Sumpter

CD Release - May 13, 2017 @ Ice Haüs

Okay, we finally have our debut, self-titled album coming out. Here's the deets on the poster. In a nutshell, Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Ice Haüs in Murray Utah. Dan Cord (American Hitmen) and Chandra share a birthday on that day, so it's a double b-day celebration and the American Hitmen gave us the green light to release our CD at this show.

So besides all that, Randy Beasterfield and his new band are playing, Ghost of a Giant. Randy owner and engineer at his self owned Beast Recordings, mixed and recorded the entire album and did a great job. We had Andy Vandette do the mastering.

We could not be more excited to share this with the world, in general and our loyal fans in personal.

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