Thursday, January 25, 2018

It’s Wednesday night and that means band rehearsal for Ginger and the Gents. As I trek down the stairs and reach for the handle to the practice room, I hear the familiar dirty rock style of their music and the soulful, gritty female voice I have come to know so well. I enter as quietly and inconspicuously as I am able, trying my best not to disturb the magicians at their craft.

The stage is set: Seated behind a set of DDrum Bombardier drums is the band’s percussionist, Steven Butler. The beat he creates pulses with unmistakable dynamism, beguiling me and coercing my head to bob up and down ever so slightly to the rhythm.

Next my gaze is drawn to the lead guitarist, Jesse Kyle Long. He picks at a cream-colored Fender Stratocaster as he perches on the edge of a bar stool, his eyes drawn towards his hands as the melody they labor to foster ebbs and flows, seeking and consequently finding the proverbial “sweet spot”; to sit in its pocket and simply groove.

Towards the back of the room with a...

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