Thursday, January 25, 2018

It’s Wednesday night and that means band rehearsal for Ginger and the Gents. As I trek down the stairs and reach for the handle to the practice room, I hear the familiar dirty rock style of their music and the soulful, gritty female voice I have come to know so well. I enter as quietly and inconspicuously as I am able, trying my best not to disturb the magicians at their craft.

The stage is set: Seated behind a set of DDrum Bombardier drums is the band’s percussionist, Steven Butler. The beat he creates pulses with unmistakable dynamism, beguiling me and coercing my head to bob up and down ever so slightly to the rhythm.

Next my gaze is drawn to the lead guitarist, Jesse Kyle Long. He picks at a cream-colored Fender Stratocaster as he perches on the edge of a bar stool, his eyes drawn towards his hands as the melody they labor to foster ebbs and flows, seeking and consequently finding the proverbial “sweet spot”; to sit in its pocket and simply groove.

Towards the back of the room with a...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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We are heading to Sturgis. Yes, it's in South Dakota and we could not be more excited. August is full of shows for us and the week of the 5th thru the 12th is going to be epic. Take a look at this video produced by our friend and the organizer, Jason Wilson...

 This video explains the whole thing but I thought we'd better mention it. The Harley Davidson Hall of Fame and Museum is going to be rockin'. When we get back we will have tons of photos and maybe some videos to share. Keep an eye out for those.

Monday, June 12, 2017

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So Saturday, June 10th was a crazy day to say the least. We played a show in Springville, UT. at Legends Vintage Motorcycles. Legend’s is a motorcycle shop and museum which has a wildly cool collection of vintage and new Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. I myself really enjoyed looking at the awesome bikes. They also have a nice café called The Side Car Café and a full service bike shop. Such a cool place and even cooler people.

This day was special though. Legend’s hosted a rally to raise funds for the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame in Sturgis, South Dakota. They had booths and vendors from all over and there was a ride that ended there with over 200 motorcycles and classic cars. One of the organizers, Jason Wilson, had us and Tim Cord of American Hitmen play some music to provide entertainment. The day was warm but not too hot and a little breezy but totally bearable. We played from noon to almost 2pm when the local motorcycle police put on a safety and riding demons...

Friday, May 26, 2017

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So last Sunday, May 21, we went on the KBER 101.1 radio show Salt Lake Soundcheck with Corky. Man what a great time. Corky played three of our songs and we had three long segments of interview, answering questions and general goofing off.

The whole thing was posted on Facebook Live thanks to the skilled wielding of the phone by Adam and 'fan boy' Josh. Corky is the epitome of radio professionalism while still being incredibly awesome. Also, Corky has been to so many of our shows he seems to be a staple in our fan-base. Can't thank him enough. Check out the in-studio videos and listen to KBER, especially the Salt Lake Soundcheck. He plays great local music and hosts the best of local music and I think I can speak for our local music base. We really appreciate him.

Thanks Corky!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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Our cd release party/show at the Ice Haus last Saturday was one we won't soon forget...or EVER for that matter. We shared the stage with our friends American Hitmen and Ghost of a Giant.

Being mine and Dan's bday (Hitmen guitarist) the night was extra, extra yummy.  It sorta felt like a birthday for G&TG too since the album was finally "birthed" ya might say. American Hitmen always slay it. We love sharing the stage with them and they're some of the best human beings you'll ever meet. Newcomer's Ghost of a Giant did a stellar job too. I say "newcomers" lightly because all members are seasoned and exceptionally talented musicians. Big shout to our man Randy Beasterfield, who plays guitar, sings and composes in this new band, who also recorded our album. We have mad love for you brother.

The fans came out in droves, mixed with family, old friends and new, they stood wall to wall  and rocked us, embraced us, danced with us, laughed and cried with us. Ok maybe I'm the only one who shed a tea...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Okay, we finally have our debut, self-titled album coming out. Here's the deets on the poster. In a nutshell, Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Ice Haüs in Murray Utah. Dan Cord (American Hitmen) and Chandra share a birthday on that day, so it's a double b-day celebration and the American Hitmen gave us the green light to release our CD at this show.

So besides all that, Randy Beasterfield and his new band are playing, Ghost of a Giant. Randy owner and engineer at his self owned Beast Recordings, mixed and recorded the entire album and did a great job. We had Andy Vandette do the mastering.

We could not be more excited to share this with the world, in general and our loyal fans in personal.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Yesterday May 3rd we had the privilege of being featured on MTN Views tv show, Park City Live with host Terry Burden. Terry and the crew were so great to us and we had an awesome time. Our favorite crew member was  Mr Buddy, Terry's dog who hung out with us on set. He didn't shy away from the loud music, even a little bit. It was clear, he owned that space and we were in "his" house.  ;)

This show has been a great platform for artists, musicians and business owners alike in the Utah community to connect and raise awareness. I personally appreciate Terry for his straight, honest talk, addressing tough topics on politics and current events etc. and of course, giving local artisans a chance to shine and reach the local community on a broader scale.

We can officially say, "Look Ma', I'm on TV!" and that's a pretty cool feeling. Here's the condensed version of the show, featuring our performances and interview and a few pics.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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So, a week or so ago we had an interview with Autumn Thatcher of the Salt Lake Tribune. (Click our image to view the article)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Get ready for a rockin' good Saturday night. We are playing with our friends Opal Hill Drive on the Ice Haüs stage. It's Springtime and the weather is getting nice. This is just the next show in a Spring and Summer line-up that we will be playing at. Keep up with us on Facebook and here on our website. April, May, June and August shows are already lining up. You can bet we'll be playing somewhere awesome in July too.

 Don't forget about our CD release coming up too. On the radar for the first part of May.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

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Played Kamikazes in Ogden last night with Royal Bliss and My Private Island. Totally drank from the large fan base that Royal Bliss brings. They know how to pack a venue and it was a huge rush to play to a crowd so large enhanced by a large group of our fans. While we played we had a bunch of our own fans singing along and emphatically feeding our energy. Wanna thank all of you. Take a look at the interview above we did with Harry Lam, and check out his YouTube channel, BackStage Pass presented by Work In Progress. Give him a like and a subscribe. He is really a fantastic promoter of local and touring artists.

Take a look at that crowd. We had so much fun,,,

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